The Thousand Lives of Tartan

Traditional or rebellious, dapper or eccentric, the world-famous Scottish pattern has been in fashion for centuries. Here’s PT’s own take on the everlasting tartan.

Nobility and traditional elegance, but also provocation and rebellion: there are so many different meanings attached to that exquisitely autumnal pattern made up of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors that goes by the name of “tartan”.

Despite its prominent design, tartan turned out to be timeless and incredibly versatile: it has been revisited in endless color variations, and adopted by the British royals as well as by the punk and grunge subcultures. This season, PT explores the expressive potential of classic tartan and check patterns extensively. We started out with a solid tribute to the 1970s punk culture: the tartan patterned trousers featuring a black/green background criss-crossed by purple, yellow and red lines, scattered with references to the spirit of the era and complete with punk-inspired pins. Light/dark gray, brown/orange and blue are some of the color variations for the check and tartan patterns of the collection’s smart casual trousers, with unexpected details such as the illustrated color-contrasting lining of the Traveler pants.

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