All Black

There is no wrong occasion to wear a pair of black jeans: gifted with an inborn rock ‘n roll spirit, black denim manages to transform itself with the nonchalance of a style icon, expressing a sleek or non-conformist character based on matchings and details.

Cool, different and gifted with an irreducible rock’n roll spirit, black denim has been an icon ever since its invention. It was 1957 when Elvis Presley first appeared on the American television wearing a black denim total look: it was the beginning of a small revolution triggered by Levi’s to revitalize its already legendary jeans, and definitely a milestone in the history of denim.

Yet today black jeans are no longer rockstar material, although they still feature that slightly rebellious aura. Quite the contrary, they are perhaps the most elegant variation of denim – especially in the black-black version, which is obtained by using a black warp thread and dyeing the whole garment to get a full black tone. Black denim is also particularly versatile: it can be sleek paired with a blazer or informal paired with a T-shirt, and it often takes just a little detail to transform it. Which is why we focused on details to add different shades of style to the black canvas: studs on the pocket edge for a rock ’n roll accent, a satin side band for a tuxedo effect, different fades and washes to explore the black-to-gray spectrum. A range that aims at expressing all the different souls of the timeless black denim.

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